How We Build Better Partnerships

Ben Montgomery is the Director of Partnerships for EzTix, which you may already know.  If you’re working with us, odds are you’ve had a chat or two with him. Today, Ben is leading our efforts to better connect with our Partners and really get to know their stories. That, he says, is the key to […]

Updated June 29, 2018

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Caring for Guests When You Cancel

Calling off an activity or event last minute is never something an experience operator predicts and often falls into the “Worst Nightmare” category. Aside from the immediate revenue you’ve lost, disappointed guests may, unfortunately, think twice before joining you again in the future. Make sure you’ve got a customer care plan in place before you’re […]

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When to Consider Re-Branding

Changing up your logo can really make a splash in the marketplace. Best Buy recently redesigned their famous price tag icon, and it was the talk of the town (for better or worse). Having recently just updated our ticket logo, we know it’s a great way to help meet your marketing goals. Here are the […]

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Attract Sponsors to Your Event

You’ve built an event with an engaged following who love what you do. After much research, you have a great understanding of your target audience, what they’re looking for from your experience and beyond. The “beyond” part is what will lead you to a new set of opportunities with brands who may want to sponsor […]

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Our Path to GDPR Compliance

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is an EU data protection and privacy law passed in 2016. It protects the personal data of all EU citizens online and regulates the export of that data by international companies. All businesses working with the data of EU citizens must be compliant with the laws by May […]

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Field Notes: How Tourism Makes Better Support Agents

Geoffrey Tyler is a Support Agent here at EzTix, but also a passionate traveller and foodie. He just returned from what looks like a spectacular vacation which took him and his girlfriend to Puerto Rico. While there, Geoffrey sent me a note, saying, “Just took the Flavors of San Juan food tour yesterday. It was […]

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Gear Guide – Spring 2018

Sure, the weather may still be suggesting winter, but we’ve been reading it’s actually spring! In the spirit of positive thinking, welcome to our first gear guide, a list of must haves for the season ahead. From shoes to keep you comfortable for a long shift on your feet to the phone with the best […]

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Showcasing the Other Side of Dubai – Arva Saleem Ahmed

Food tours can be found on every continent, aside from maybe Antarctica, perhaps! In the United Arab Emirates, the City of Dubai is drawing people from near and far to do business and enjoy incredible luxury. You won’t need to look far, however, to discover the real Dubai, thanks to our partner Arva Saleem Ahmed at […]

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Lesley Stracks-Mullem Tackles a Tricky Work Life Balance

Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours is the next stop on our tour of kick-ass women creating amazing experiences. Behind this growing company offering tours in nine different cities is Lesley Stracks-Mullem, leading 20 employees year round. You might think there couldn’t possibly be time for anything else in her schedule, but she’s also leading a young […]

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Making Her Mark: Elsje Erasmus

She may be new to culinary tourism, but that doesn’t mean Elsje Erasmus isn’t already one to watch. She juggles a lot of hats at Cape Town Culinary Tours, but with a growing team and guests raving about her experiences, we couldn’t wait to share her story. March is Women’s History Month, making it a perfect […]

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