The Wine Pro who Fell for Food Tours

Fintan Kerr was leading a wine tasting in Barcelona, pouring glasses and teaching a group how to truly discover the Spanish wines he’s so passionate about. He didn’t know one of the guests he was speaking to that night was James Blick, the founder of Devour Tours. At some point during the sips and swirls, […]

Updated September 20, 2018

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Welcome Back More Repeat Customers

You’ve built your event or activity, marketing materials are out in the world, and it’s all set to target your ideal guest. New operators know they’ll be meeting a lot of new folks, no brainer. Established experiences, however, need a game plan to ensure you’re seeing the repeat customers time and time again. Loyal customers […]

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10 Ways to Improve Your Food Tour Business

Guest Post from The Global Food Tourism Association As the world’s leading Food & Culinary Tourism Association, the Global Food Tourism Association’s works to ensure Food Tours and Food Tourism professionals thrive globally. GFTA is firmly committed to our four pillars that represent our focus and philosophy: network, learn, share and succeed. We facilitate networking […]

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Instagram Story Ideas to Promote Your Experiences

Any millennial will tell you it’s easy to get lost down an Instagram story hole, taken away on fun mini-adventures in 15 seconds or less. Sometimes, 36-year-old communication directors will also tell you the same information, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, with a little creativity, you and your team can use […]

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Writing Great Social Media Policy

Unless you’ve been hiding away from the news (that’s understandable), you’ve heard about the damage irresponsible posting can do. Everyone from front-line workers to celebrities are losing their jobs and alienating people who once respected them. In the business world, pretty much everybody is using social platforms in one way or another, but 73% of […]

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Meet our new Director of Products

In many ways, Joe Martin isn’t new to EzTix. He’s lead our EzSites team and developed that platform from the ground up. As we looked to improve our other products, it was a no-brainer to ask him to bring his skills to the rest of EzTix. Booking platforms are technically all code and scripts, but […]

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How We Build Better Partnerships

Ben Montgomery is the Director of Partnerships for EzTix, which you may already know.  If you’re working with us, odds are you’ve had a chat or two with him. Today, Ben is leading our efforts to better connect with our Partners and really get to know their stories. That, he says, is the key to […]

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Caring for Guests When You Cancel

Calling off an activity or event last minute is never something an experience operator predicts and often falls into the “Worst Nightmare” category. Aside from the immediate revenue you’ve lost, disappointed guests may, unfortunately, think twice before joining you again in the future. Make sure you’ve got a customer care plan in place before you’re […]

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When to Consider Re-Branding

Changing up your logo can really make a splash in the marketplace. Best Buy recently redesigned their famous price tag icon, and it was the talk of the town (for better or worse). Having recently just updated our ticket logo, we know it’s a great way to help meet your marketing goals. Here are the […]

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Attract Sponsors to Your Event

You’ve built an event with an engaged following who love what you do. After much research, you have a great understanding of your target audience, what they’re looking for from your experience and beyond. The “beyond” part is what will lead you to a new set of opportunities with brands who may want to sponsor […]

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