Use Landing Pages to Sell More Tickets

Last Updated January 24, 2019

Tours and events are very attractive to groups and, therefore, an important market. Corporate events, private excursions, and bachelorette parties are important revenue opportunities with specific needs. Your website’s homepage, however, should be focused on answering the questions of your ideal guest. If group shoppers can’t easily find the information they need, they’re most likely to search elsewhere. This is where landing pages come in.

When your digital marketing campaigns direct specialized shoppers to a page suited to their needs, your chance of conversions will increase. Educating visitors with landing pages is such a valuable tool, we’ve built them into EzSites.

Here are a few tips on how to create landing pages your visitors will love.

Be Audience Specific

The needs of a family reunion are going to be quite different than those of a company retreat. For that reason, they’ll each need their own specific page with targeted content.

You don’t need to reinvent the layout for each page, but ban the copy and paste buttons from this project. There shouldn’t be a lot of overlap because no two groups are going to be exactly the same. Your corporate retreat groups, for example, will want to see opportunities to chat and build stronger bonds on their excursion. Showcase higher end locations and products that appeal to that market. A bachelorette party will want exciting, instagram friendly adventures with the freedom to let loose a bit.

Here are a few starting points to consider:

  • Corporate Events
  • Family Getaways & Reunions
  • School & Student Groups
  • Singles & Networking Groups
  • School Field Trips
  • Team-Building Exercises
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  • Bridal or Baby Showers
  • Church Groups

To Do: Create a list of potential groups you’d like to target. This is how many landing pages you’ll need.

Write Great Copy

Keep your copy tight, bright, and on brand for you and your potential guests. It’s important that you bring your brand voice out here, but in a way that also speaks to the kind of group you’re writing for.

Here are some of the elements you’ll be writing:

  • Headline – This is the first thing they’ll be reading, so lock in their attention right away.
  • Body – The meat n’ potatoes of your page, the body makes up the bulk of the copy. That doesn’t mean you should write a novel here, so be concise as possible. On EzSites, we provide suggested lengths in your copy to help keep you focused.
  • Calls to Action – Let visitors know what you want them to do on your landing page. Make these buttons easy to find, and experiment to see what kind of CTA performs best.
  • Contact Details – Should your group have more questions, #MakeItEz for them to reach out. If your booking system offers 24/7 support, like EzTix, be sure your agents have plenty of information related to the groups you’re targeting.

To Do: Create elevator pitches for your different groups. Keep simplifying your messages until you can easily read them out in 30 seconds or less.

Source Great Photography

Sure it’s cliche, but a photo is really worth a thousand words. High impact photography can immediately let a visitor know they’ve found the page they need to be on.

If you’re up for making a bit of an investment, hire a photographer and take them out on some groups with you. Nothing beats showing the real experiences, but stock will do in a pinch. Look for images that don’t look too staged, because it’s easy to spot bad stock photography.

Just like your copy, you won’t need a ton of it to tell your story.

To Do: For each landing page, create a list of your vendors that offer specific photo opportunities. See if your library already holds images that fit the bill.

Be SEO Friendly

To help your page rise to the top in rankings, use the keywords your groups will be searching with.

If you’re on wordpress, check out a plugin like Yoast to help you get it right. If you have the budget, consider even engaging with SEO experts to look over your pages to suggest changes or strategy.

Don’t Complicate It

Go back over your landing pages to be sure you’re not trying to sell more than one thing. Remember the bachelorette party isn’t looking for details on your scheduled tours, or merch, or your dinner series. Sure, they’re awesome experiences, but they’ll muddy the focus of the page you’re worked so hard on.

Have fun creating your landing pages! If done well, they’ll become valuable revenue generators for your business.

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