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More Time. Better Service. Happier Guests.

When they became an EzTix Partner, Savor Seattle, an award-winning (and growing) food tour company, was able to outsource 80% of their guest service calls to the EzTix Support Team, freeing up their Operations Team to focus on the more essential day-to-day management priorities and long-term business goals.

Less time handling customer support meant more time to generate new ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a term commitment?

Our service agreements are month-to-month, allowing you the flexibility to cancel anytime should you feel EzTix is no longer the best fit for your business.

How difficult is the transition?

With a dedicated Onboarding Specialist and the EzTix Support Team on your side, we #MakeItEz to transition by taking care of 90% of the heavy lifting for you.

Who answers my calls?

The EzTix Support team is available 24/7 by phone, email, and live chat to support you and your guests - complete with a local area code and custom greeting with your business name to keep the focus on your brand.