Welcome Back More Repeat Customers

Last Updated September 20, 2018

You’ve built your event or activity, marketing materials are out in the world, and it’s all set to target your ideal guest. New operators know they’ll be meeting a lot of new folks, no brainer. Established experiences, however, need a game plan to ensure you’re seeing the repeat customers time and time again.

Loyal customers can be worth a lot, 10x as much as their first purchase, in fact. If that’s not enough to sell you on the idea, remember that a new customer costs 5x as much to acquire than to keep your current guests coming back. You want plenty of locals who take their visiting friends to tours or festivals when they want to impress.

Here are a few ways to increase your loyal fan base!

Hire a Team Focused on Guest Experience

Any business knows that frontline staff needs to be customer service centric, but you need that attitude in every single employee. The guest experience almost always begins online, so even your web developers need to be dedicated to what your guests need.

At EzTix, that means 24/7 support which is always in-house and never outsourced. Its also why we developed our EzSites, which guests love using to explore tours and activities.

Nothing will beat great guest services when it comes to creating loyalty.

Offer personalized service when you do meet your guests in person, armed with booking data to show you care. If there are dietary or mobility restrictions, be sure your guides connect with those guests. They’ll love knowing you’re ready with a plan to best serve them.

Incentivise Higher Initial Purchases

While it might make sense to offer great discounts to attract a new customer, data shows that may not build loyalty. The more a guest spends on their first visit with you, the more likely they are to return.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer a reduced rate to a new guest, but consider the incentive applying to a larger booking or on multiple experiences bought together.

Reach Out To Big Spenders

With a higher initial purchase increasing the odds of a return, make sure you stay in touch. Just be sure to keep that personal, guest focused charm that brought you these guests in the first place.

Use a post-event email with a message from your guides or event staff to say thanks and encourage a return. This is a perfect time to give a promotion code and push for a second sale. Remember, 25% of first-time buyers will return, but 60% of four-time buyers will be back yet again.

Stay In Touch

Make sure you’ve got email addresses handy because it’s important to keep the line of communications open. Target your returning guests when you’re launching new experiences or making improvements on their favorites.

Surveys are also an incredible way to keep up the conversation. Your high-value guests will be more willing to answer a few questions about what they love and what you can improve.

Give a Reason to Come Back

We’re seeing great results from our Partners who offer special events to loyal guests. Consider opportunities like dinner series, networking events, or even nature excursions that aren’t regular products. Provide early access to customers who’ve been to see you multiple times before opening up to the public.

You don’t, however, always need to launch something new. Even just a friendly, “hey, we miss you, come on back!” could be reason enough to head back to your festival or tour.

We’re scratching the surface here with these tips and ideas, so tell us in the comments what tactics you’re using to bring back guests again and again.

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