Website Checklist: Selling Gift Certificates

Last Updated November 20, 2018

Gift cards, E-certificates, whatever you want to call them the rules are all the same. They’re more popular than ever, and you’re missing out on revenue if you don’t have a solid plan in place to sell them on your website. At EzTix, we call them E-Certificates, so we’ll run with that for the purposes of our discussion here today.

With Cyber Week kicking off as I write this, it seemed a good idea to offer up a checklist to help you give your website a once over before Black Friday. So let’s go!

Promo Bars

If you enjoy binging real estate shows as much as I do, you’ll know the ol’ saying “location, location, location!”

The top of your website is an ideal spot for a brightly coloured bar to advertise special events, news, or a discount campaign. You’ll find plenty of great plugins online if you’re running a WordPress website if you haven’t got a promo bar already. Keep the copy tight n’ bright with a clear button for your visitors to use.

Our Partners with EzSites already have their promo bars built-in and ready to go.

Email Marketing Sign Up

People won’t just hand over their email address for no reason. I’ve been on a tear lately unsubscribing from newsletters have consistently aren’t offering up content I find valuable. Who’s surviving the inbox cull? Discount offers.

Tell site visitors you’ve got a discount code just for them if they want to subscribe to your newsletter. People will want to hear from you about your expertise and how they can save on experiences or E-Certificates.

Promo Zones

Beautiful content areas that stand apart from your other content jump out to your users. When you’re pushing major campaigns, don’t be shy about making use of these areas.

On EzSites, our Partners have easy access to promo zones throughout their sites to aid them at times like Cyber Week. They’re easy to set up, and when styled in line with your site, they don’t read like banner ads.

Exit Intent Promos

They’re on major sites like CNN and countless retailers. As soon as your mouse cursor moves towards the exit, a message appears reminding you about items in a cart, an email newsletter, or some other reason to stick around.

Now on EzSites, an exit intent promo will remind users about the great discounts you’re offering on E-Certificates. It’s the last opportunity to rescue dollars before the head out the door. We’ve been talking about this for some time now, and we’re proud to be able to offer it on every EzSite as of today!

So that’s it! Even a combination of these tools on your site will help you present your generous offer to visitors. We hope cyber week is incredibly fruitful for you and your company.

If you’d like to know more about EzSites, the platform with all of these tasty tools built right in, sign up for a demo! We’ll show you how to #MakeItEz.

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