New: Calendar Views

Last Updated October 16, 2018

The EzTix calendar for tour and activity operators has always been a great way to see everything happening in your business over a month. For larger companies, that can be a bit more information than you need to process all at once.

Today, we’re releasing the new Calendar View options. When you need to take a more controlled look at your month, by template or even tour guide, a few clicks will bring much needed clarity to your life.

Below your calendar in EzTix, you’ll find new controls to help you build your views. Select what templates and tour guides to show on your calendar. For example, if you want to see your Main Street tour guided by John Doe. Check them both off, name the view and save it! Done! It’s ready for you any time in the drop down under your calendar.

You can also set a default view that you’ll be shown automatically when you log in.

New Calendar Views #MakeItEz for you to better manage your experiences and understand what’s happening in your business, on your terms.

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