How We Build Better Partnerships

Last Updated June 29, 2018

Ben Montgomery is the Director of Partnerships for EzTix, which you may already know.  If you’re working with us, odds are you’ve had a chat or two with him. Today, Ben is leading our efforts to better connect with our Partners and really get to know their stories. That, he says, is the key to better serving their needs and guests.

Ben Montgomery

Ben Montgomery, Director of Partnerships

EzTix has Partners all around the world, and you lead the amazing team at EzTix which manages those relationships! Tell us a bit about how you do it.

With our expansion into Cape Town and our first Australia-based team member, we have the unique advantage of being spread across every time zone. With partners in over 30 countries, it helps us ensure we always have someone available for our Partners to connect with any time they have specific questions or concerns with their EzTix account, want to share their successes, or simply want to chat.

We talk a lot about really getting to know our Partners, understanding their stories, and investing in their success. It must be satisfying making those connections.

Always. EzTix was built on relationships, and it is the fundamental core of the Partnerships Team. It’s why we travel the World to visit our Partners; by enjoying their events, taking their tours and having face-to-face conversations, we can get a much better understand of not only how our system and services are being used by our Partners and their teams, but how we can make them better for everyone. Being a more boutique-style ticketing solution allows us to really get to know our Partners, build trust, and share ideas.

What are the challenges that unite our Partners around the world?

No matter the location, shape or size of a Tour Company, the primary focus is always the same – the guest experience. That’s why it’s ours, too.

What inspires you in these relationships?

In my years at EzTix I’ve been fortunate enough to see brand new Tour Operators grow from selling their first ticket to expanding into new cities. It’s truly exciting to watch great people start to realize how they really can achieve their goals, and inspiring to see how the EzTix Team can help make an impact along the way.

Where are you hoping to travel next, and what kind of experience will you seek out?

Right now Vietnam and Japan are at the top of the list. I’m a big fan of Asian culture, history, and food so of course, I’d be seeking out as many food tours as I could find. I’ve already probably taken more food tours than anyone else on the planet (except maybe Jeremy Mitchell- our numbers are close), and so I’d want to retain that title!

We love connecting with our Partners and assisting with questions, concerns, or just catching up on what’s new. If you’d like to meet with Ben or a member of his team, Click Here to schedule an appointment.

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