New on EzSites – Exit Intent Promo

Last Updated November 20, 2018

We’ve talked in the past about the benefits to selling E-Certificates, and most of our Partners do. As many as 30% of purchased gift certificates are never redeemed, which makes it a very valuable tool for small businesses.

Today, we’re happy to announce the addition of exit intent promotions to all EzSites. This new callout reminds users about ongoing E-Certificate promotions when their behavior signals they’re about to exit your website. Rescue those dollars!!

Here’s how to set it up: Log into your EzSite admin area. Click on“Global”in the left column. You’ll see a new tab called“Exit Intent”. Check the box to turn on Exit Intent and add in your content. Click the green“UPDATE” button to launch Exit Intent on your EzSite.

Don’t have an EzSite, but want to know why they’re the industry-leading digital storefront for tours and activities? Well, sign on up for a demo!


As the Director of Communications for EzTix, Jeremy is always open to hearing your feedback and understanding how we can help serve you better.

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