When to Consider Re-Branding

Last Updated May 17, 2018

Changing up your logo can really make a splash in the marketplace. Best Buy recently redesigned their famous price tag icon, and it was the talk of the town (for better or worse). Having recently just updated our ticket logo, we know it’s a great way to help meet your marketing goals.

Here are the questions you may be asking if it’s time for a re-brand:

Does this logo make me look old?

For us, we’d been using the same EzTix logo for more than ten years. While we loved a lot about our logo, it needed to feel a bit more modern.

If there’s an image you’re looking to shake, or your branding is feeling dated, it’s a great idea to run it past a designer. Robi Bare updated our logo for us with that challenge in mind, and we love it. While it looks fresh and new, she found a great way to introduce a new, yet retro, ticket shape. She’s worked with some of our Partners, like Whistler Food Tours, to build beautiful logos and branding guides.

Is it time to reach a new demographic?

Maybe you’re launching a new experience in a hip, young neighborhood, targeting Instagram happy millennials. Perhaps a new high end wine tasting event is on your mind, but it’ll lure an older audience than your other offerings.

Product changes or launches are excellent times to evaluate if your branding speaks to your target market. And while you may not need a new brand altogether, you may require new product-specific assets.

Has my mission changed?

Your products and mission will evolve over time, even if you don’t notice it happening. Often in food tours, we see branding changes happen when Partners expand to new cities or broaden their focus. For example, a food tour operator focusing on farmers’ market tours may want to get into the progressive dinner business. Broadening her offerings may require that operator to examine her website, logo, even company name.

Do I stand out in the market?

When building some co-branded images recently, we felt our old logo wasn’t standing out enough against a vendor’s logo. If it was taking a back seat here, it was likely doing the same in the marketplace.

Ensure you’ve got assets like a pattern, icons, and a great color scheme that contrasts with your competitors’. Put together into a detailed brand guide, you’ll have what you need to create consistent and effective marketing materials across all mediums.

Do I need something more than my great name?

Young companies may start out with no logo at all, making use of a simple name mark. A great logo, however, can really help tell your story more effectively.

Starbucks wants you think about a delicious latte when you see a green and white siren, and I certainly do. Sure, there are plenty of great name-only logos, a strong icon is powerful indeed. Check out Devour Tours website for the logos made for each city they run experiences in. They team up their trademark “take a number” shape with unmistakable local icons.

The EzTix platform is designed to help our Partners promote their brands end to end. From EzSites to co-branded communication tools, learn more in a demo with one of our Partnership managers.

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