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How Reservations Help Your Retail Recovery Strategy

Last Updated May 27, 2020

More businesses are opening their doors, but managers are worried about whether their customers will return and how to keep them comfortable. These are significant challenges that call for bold solutions, like retail reservations.

A shopping reservation program can help you upgrade your recovery strategy. Reservations are the foundation of personalized service, predictability, and more efficient retail operations.

Sure, it’s a new idea in the retail space. The benefits, however, are undeniable.

Upgrade Service For Customers & Employees

Lineups outside of stores have often been a sign of popularity, but that’s changed. Today, shoppers see a line as an inconvenience. We ran a survey in six major North American markets, and it’s clear that lines cost businesses money. 66% of all respondents reported changing their plans when seeing a line outside their favorite stores.

90% of those people say they’d happily make a reservation instead.

Best Buy has started using a reservation program to expand their efforts in delivering more personalized service. It’s a level of care online shopping simply can’t offer.

Retail Reservations Bring Predictable Experiences

Reservations let everyone know what to expect, which is why restaurants love them. Knowing when your customers are coming helps you make better decisions. For your customers, they don’t have to worry about standing in line or scrapping their plans.

When guests book a front of the line pass online, you get the opportunity to communicate changes. If your guests need to wear a mask, you have an opportunity to tell them before they leave home. Instead of educating everyone on your safety precautions at the door, they’re already in the know

Retail shopper wearing a mask.

66% of shoppers say they’ll change their plans before they stand in line. Using a reservation system recaptures lost business.

Improving Operations with Retail Reservations

It isn’t only the COVID curve you can help flatten. Reservations take your traffic spikes and spread them out over a more extended period. With reduced store capacities, this is a huge win for social distancing efforts. Our platform also allows you to set aside specific hours for seniors, first responders, or members of your loyalty programs.

After your customers have checked out, you also get new opportunities to keep building a better relationship. Promote shopping appointments based on recent visits, or suggest times when your store will feature merchandise a customer would love. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Help Is Available

Once upon a time, reservations were for restaurants and bridal shops, but times have changed. Retail has been trending towards more personalized service since Apple opened its first store, and COVID will accelerate that need. Starting a reservation program puts on a path to success, thrills your customers, and improves your operations.

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