Upgrading EzSites to 4.3

Last Updated February 17, 2017

This month we have updated all sites that are on EzSites 4.0 or higher with a set of design and functionality updates in EzSites 4.3. You do not need to request these updates, they will be added to your site this week.

  • Image Editing and Cropping: One of the most popular questions we received from our partners is “how do I get my image to show properly on my EzSite?” We’ve heard you and found a new editing tool that makes cropping your image to fit on the site MUCH easier. Learn how to use the new editing tool here: https://goo.gl/qnBvc3

    New Cropping-1

  • Single Events: EzSites partners on version 4.0 and higher can now feature single events on your EzSite. We have added a new section in your Admin area called “Events”. You will add an event just like you would a tour. For further instructions, visit the Support Center at: https://goo.gl/KB84Y1
  • All ticket types display in first booking screen: When you click on “Book Now” at the top of your site or footer, you will now see a list of all of your tours and events with all your ticket types and prices displaying.
    Ticket Types-1
  • Footer reveal: Our Creative Director, Joseph Martin, loves this one. On desktop we added a little design flair to all pages. When scrolling toward the bottom of each page, you will see your footer slowly appear.
  • About Page Social Media: Your team members can now display their Instagram links, in addition to Facebook and Twitter on your About page.
  • Forms: For those looking to create new forms on your site, you can now create brand new forms and insert them on to pages that allow for forms. Learn more about this here: https://goo.gl/TJXUAW
  • Website Pages can no longer be deleted: We’ve had some accidents along the way and found it best to block the ability to send any of your website pages to the “Trash”. If you need a page removed from your site, please contact us.
  • Single Tour page maps on mobile: When scrolling through the single tour page on a phone, the map would hold and would zoom in and out. This has been updated. A user must click into the map to zoom in and out, similar to desktop.
  • Browser Tab Logos: You can update the logo that appears in your site’s browser tabs. This ability has been added to “Settings” > “Logo” > “Favicon”.
  • Inactive Tours: Closing down a tour permanently or temporarily and you don’t want to lose any direct traffic it may create? You have an option when you open your Tour page in the Admin area. By checking “Would you like to this tour to be inactive?”, the URL will remain active, but the tour will no longer appear active on your tour listing page or other listings throughout your site.
  • Press Page Sidebar: Email and phone icons are conditional in the sidebar. If not information is placed in these fields, then the icons will not display.
  • Contact Page Sidebar: “Ticket Questions” and “Tour Questions” are now both conditional. If they are left blank in the Admin area, then they will not display on your site.
  • Private Tours Sidebar: You can now edit the “Info & Questions” text in the sidebar. Additionally, you can add an email address to this area. Both the phone number and email are conditional in the sidebar and will not display if left blank.
  • About Page character limit: The lead text character limit at the top of your About page has been increased to 1,000 characters.
  • Tour-specific FAQs: You can now hide FAQs from your FAQ listing page. If you have an FAQ that is specific to one tour and doesn’t apply in general, this option blocks it from your FAQ listing page and will still be an option to feature on your single tour or event page.
  • New Admin area user role: We’ve created a new user role for your Admin area. An “editor” will only have access to the blog section and media library. This is designed to allow blog writers access to your site without being able to view or change anything else on your site.
  • Font Awesome Icon Library: We installed the latest update from Font Awesome which are the list of icons you have access to on your single tour, single event and private tour pages.
  • Admin Area Dashboard: You will now see a couple new messages on your Dashboard when you log into your admin area. The first is for those who are working on staging sites. You now have easy access to schedule your website launch. The second message includes links to the EzSites Support and Resource Centers. We are continuing to add new articles to help you with specific website tasks, but also tips on how to improve your website’s marketing.

If you have any questions on how to use any of these new updates, please check out the Support Center or drop us a line at support@eztix.com.

We want to thank all of our partners for their suggestions and feedback as that helps us continue to improve our sites. Please continue to pass on anything you would like us to look into for future releases.

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