Reopening Checklist for Tours During COVID

Last Updated June 18, 2020

Every region in the world is defining the stages of reopening in their own way. As a result, travelers looking to go even just a few hours from home have questions. We need to let them know if, when, and how your experiences are operating. After all, before guests will return to your tours, they need confidence they’ll be safe, comfortable, and that a great time awaits. You need a reopening checklist.

Let’s make sure your fans have all the details they need. Remember, it’s been months of isolation, not knowing what day it is, and forgetting the last time clothes were changed. No judgment, please, times are tough.

To help you cover all your bases, we’ve created a rundown of the essential items your guests will be curious about. This free PDF is all yours, just click that cute green button.


Download The Checklist


Updating Your Website

The big question we’re getting in our support centres is about dates. Even though many guests are opening your calendar, without specific details they will wonder if your schedule is up to date.

After months of service changes in every industry, we’ve become trained to double-check. To provide confidence to online shoppers that your site information is up to date, you’ll need a new page or post. Make sure this page contains all of the important information like dates and safety precautions for every template or experience.

To draw more attention to your new page instantly, install a COVID Alert bar above your website’s navigation. The background should be a bright colour that stands out. Again, you want visitors to see this bar instantly and have a clickable link to your COVID page.

From there, audit each sales page and landing page to ensure they line up with your COVID info page. If certain tours or events have specific precautions, it’s best to highlight them on the sales page. Use header tags to make things easy for people to skim.

EzSites is COVID Alert Ready

EzSites Partners can add an alert bar with our latest update.

In your Promotions area, you now have the ability to add a special “alert message”. This will display at the top of your home page (above your header navigation) in a callout with your primary website color. It can also include a link to an internal page with more information about closings, re-opening plans, safety precautions, etc.

Learn More About EzSites for Tours

Social Media

If you haven’t already, create attention-grabbing posts for each of your social media channels.

Be sure any graphics you use are lining up with brand guidelines, but don’t forget a personal touch. We’ve heard great success stories from company owners who personally reach out to guests with concerns. If you want the most bang for your buck, create a short video with a summary of your plans.

Finally, make sure these posts are “sticky” or pinned to the top of your feed. That’s the best way to ensure page visitors don’t miss the big news.

Your EzTix Account

In order for us to give your guests the most accurate information, we need all the details in your account. So, we’ve included some tips in the reopening checklist.

It’s quite likely you haven’t had to update your Sales Info page in a while. After all, how often do those details change? Now is the perfect time to do an audit of these settings to ensure they line up with your COVID plans. If you do make changes, set a reminder to check again as regulations change.

Create an Email Campaign

Once all the pieces are in place, sending an email to your list is the last section of your reopening checklist. While we’re thrilled that you’ll be touring again, remember that you want to enstill confidence that guests will be comfortable, safe, and have fun.

Keep your graphics to a minimum so your message doesn’t feel like an advertisement. By speaking directly to your ideal guest without too many frills, this message will feel more personalized.

Ensure you’ve got a link to your COVID reopening page that captures the attention of your audience.

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