Announcing EzAgent

Last Updated March 26, 2018

Our partners around the world have been asking for a new way to work with third party sales agents.  Your experiences are world class and deserve to stand out in your markets. We agree.

We challenged ourselves to create a user friendly way to expand your sales force, incentivize agents, and keep track of it all. With insight from the travel sales world, we think EzAgent is the solution.

The Three Easy StepsEzAgent steps

Create An Agency

Agencies are the companies you’ll partner with, like a travel agency, a website, or a local merchant.  Tell us a bit about them, and we’ll keep their details handy for you. For more flexibility, you’ll be able to set payment policies as well, allowing your partners to pay in advance, or later by invoice.

Selling Your Experiences

You decide which of your experiences an agency can offer their customers and even the specific ticket types.  Then, incentivize your new partners to sell by setting commission rates.

Create an Agent Profile

Some of your agencies will be websites without specific agents, but for hotel concierges or travel agents, you can create agent profiles.  Each user gets their own login information and access to our brand new agent portal.

ezagent1As soon as you’ve finished those three steps, your agents will have access to a new online portal specifically for third party sales.  From there, your new sales people can book guests and manage the booking they’ve made in the past.  You’ll get the same notifications as before, along with new tools to track comissions and payments owed.

EzAgent comes to all of our Activity Operator accounts on February 1st, 2018. For a more in depth walk through, check out our Webinar Replay.


As the Director of Communications for EzTix, Jeremy is always open to hearing your feedback and understanding how we can help serve you better.

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