Optimizing your 2017 Tour Calendar with the EzTix Occupancy Report

Last Updated January 25, 2017

Looking ahead to the 2017 tourism season, we wanted to take a moment to highlight one of the most useful tools in EzTix to help you effectively plan your tour schedule, identify marketing opportunities, and optimize your calendar for growth. With the EzTix Occupancy Report, you can gain valuable insight into last year’s tour schedule to help you ask the right questions when planning ahead:

“Which tour start time sells out most frequently?”

Is your tour running multiple times a day? Simply click the “By Start time” tab for a summarized look at which start times are the most, and least, popular.

“Which tours had the lowest attendance and may need some extra marketing love?”

Have a look at “All Activities” to see side-by-side comparison of all your tour routes

“Which days of the week might we look into for additional scaling opportunities?”

Occupancy ReportJump into the “By Day” tab to see how many tours were in your schedule each day, how many sold out, and how many tickets are remaining.

Toggle between tabs to view your summarized data by Week, Day, Month, and Start Time, or compare stats of your various experiences by checking out “All Activites”:

Check it out now in the “Sales & Reports” section of Global Event Management!

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