Caring for Guests When You Cancel

Last Updated June 29, 2018

Calling off an activity or event last minute is never something an experience operator predicts and often falls into the “Worst Nightmare” category. Aside from the immediate revenue you’ve lost, disappointed guests may, unfortunately, think twice before joining you again in the future. Make sure you’ve got a customer care plan in place before you’re faced with such a crisis.


While this step may seem like it comes from the Department of Obvious, it’s a good reminder. A genuine apology shows your guests, vendors, and other stakeholders that you respect them. Nowadays many people feel saying sorry is a sign of weakness, but it truly is a show of strength.

Forbes magazine took a look at a study that shows the 6 components of an effective apology.

Remember a little honesty goes a long way, so tell the truth about why you’ve had to cancel your event. Thanks to all of the spin we get these days, most people have a pretty keen BS meter, so bring your real talk to this conversation.

Try to Make it Right

If you’re running a tour or class, we #MakeItEz to offer date exchanges. In our Support Centre, agents have found most people are happy to work with us on finding a new time to join you. Tourists may have tighter schedules, but sometimes they can juggle around plans.

For one-off events or guests who can’t make other arrangements, you’ll need to perform a refund, of course. You may, however, still have other tools at your disposal to offer something nice to your guests. Discount codes for future events or even coupons for a partnering business can show you care. Remember, EzTix is one of the few booking platforms that offers a 24/7 Support Centre to assist you in tough times.

Be Sure to Listen

Your emotions may want to kick in if complaints start coming up, and they very well may. Keep them at bay so you aren’t on the defense and stay focused on listening.  Acknowledging the concerns your guest is sharing with you works wonders in tough service situations.

At the end of the day, deliver bad news with honesty, respect, and an offer to make it right. It’s a simple game plan to increase the likelihood your disappointed guests come back to join you again.

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