Using Facebook Pixel Selling Tickets in EzTix

Last Updated March 05, 2020

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More and more event producers and tour operators are using Facebook ads. But, even if you aren’t planning to buy space on the popular social network just yet, it’s not too early to get started with Facebook Pixel. It’s easy to set up and integrate with our lovely EzBook also. Let’s look at how to use Facebook Pixel selling tickets.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a bit of code you put on your website. It sends data off to the social network to help you track conversions and other actions users take on your site. It’s also easily added into EzBook to ensure you’re keeping tabs on activities even when guests are making purchases.

Our favorite part of Facebook Pixel is the ability to retarget users who’ve started a booking but do not finish. If you’re advertising on Facebook, you can set up ads to remind those lost bookings to come back.

How Do I Use It?

Hootsuite has written an excellent, detailed article on all the ins and outs of the pixel. It’s worth a read before you ask your web developer to add in the code. You’ll have a bit of setup to do on the Facebook side as well, but it’s all spelled out in the Hootsuite article.  High fives, Hootsuite.

For our purposes today, we’ll talk about adding it to your EzTix account, which is,s well, Ez.

If you’re adding it to your EzTix account, then the event/goal being tracked is a purchase. By adding this code to your account, Facebook will be able to determine if an ad click led to a purchase.

There are two bits of code needed in your EzTix account to use Facebook Pixel selling tickets. The first is your base Facebook pixel code. This particular snippet will follow the visitor through your entire process from ad-click through purchase.

The second bit of code will track the actual conversion or event. With this code, you can use our pre-defined placeholder values to collect Revenue and Revenue Currency.

FB pixels can be tracked at both the account level and template level, depending on your ad campaign.

Where do I Add the Code in EzTix?

You may already have Google Tracking set up on your account, and this is the same setup.  After getting your code from Facebook, log in to EzTix. Next, head to Global, and find Customization in the left menu bar. Scroll to the bottom, and paste into the Code Injection field.

If you have other code in place, be sure to add the Facebook Pixel code afterward. We’re always standing by to help you out as well should you run into any problems.

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