EzSites provides you with a website for your tour business

Psychological & sales techniques to give you an edge in selling

A great looking site on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Guidance on what to write, and even how much

Website hosting, backups, security, and continuous updates

DIY marketing tactics to make the most of your new site

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Built to be really easy to use



Confidently make updates to your website knowing there’s nothing you can do to break it.

Look Professional

We will customize the colors of your site and ensure it looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Free Upgrades

Every year we release new designs for you to choose from. Switching is free and encouraged.

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Put your mind at ease with features that simplify key needs.

Online Chat

Allow guests to have their questions answered immediately with real-time chat. Manned by our support team, you’ll look like a big tour operation worth every cent of your ticket cost.


Automatic Updates

We believe in using analytics, research, and psychology to continually improve your website. Behind-the-scenes we’re looking at data from tour websites all over the world. We use this information to form new ideas about how we can help you sell more tickets.

Every 2 months your website is automatically updated with new ideas to turn more “potential guests” into paying guests.


EzSites Bootcamp

EzSites Bootcamp provides you the education you need to write website copy that sells tickets. Through a series of videos, emails, and worksheets, you’ll learn how to write “why” someone wants your experience; instead of only talking about “what” they’ll experience.


Included Standard Features

Hosting, backups, security, and regular maintenance

Search engine friendly setup

Google analytics integration for visitor tracking

SSL security certificate for secure processing

Included EzSites Features

Online chat support manned by the EzTix team

Digital Guidebooks (Available Winter 2017)

Continually updated features and designs

One-on-one training & bootcamp enrollment

We’re helping hundreds of successful tours and events run daily!

Daily Food Tours, Cooking Classes, Zip-Trekking, Golf Tournaments, Trade Shows, Art Exhibitions, Music Festivals, Charity Events… just to name a few!