Vendor Management with Notifications


If you were already using the Vendor Management feature in EzTix, and already had existing Vendor records in your EzTix account, not to worry, we’ve taken care of migrating your records over.


  • Add Notification Contacts
  • Create Lineups and Set Vendor Pricing
  • Educate your Vendors!


In Main Menu, Select the GLOBAL tab > Left hand menu bar, select Vendor Management . A list of your existing Vendors will display below. If you haven’t created one yet, simply click “Add New” and fill out all the details about your vendor partner.

A notification contact will receive your Daily Summary – a link with a summary of all experiences visiting that vendor location that day, Name, Date/Time of tour (s), number of guests and their ticket types, number or dietary restrictions specified in the booking.

To add a notification contact, navigate to Global > Tour vendors, and locate or search for the vendor you just created. click “Add” under the NOTIFICATIONS column.

Fill out all required fields to create a notification contact for that vendor. Reference name is for internal use only and should assist you in knowing who the notification is intended for. eg. Recipient’s name. Note, you can select SMS (text message), Email or BOTH as a means of notifying a vendor.Click SAVE once complete.

To add additional notification contacts select “Edit/Manage” on the vendor record once one notification contact has already been created. Add as many notification contacts for vendors as you would like. eg. There may be 4 staff managers at the Food Truck on different varying days of the week. Sending the notification to all contacts or a general mailbox will ensure the message is delivered.

Vendors will be able to adjust their notification or subscription preferences. They will be able to adjust or update the means of notification, notification type, delivery time, to receive a “no tour” notification or to pause notifications.



What is a Lineup? A lineup is also known as your tour route. The sequence of vendors(restaurant, food truck, bar, tasting room/cellar door) that you visit on a particular experience or tour.

Create a Vendor Lineup;

Navigate to the LINEUPS tab within Vendor Management and select the Add New Lineup button > Select “Template Lineup” and choose the template (experience). Keep it simple and start with a template that doesn’t have exceptions to the tour route!

Drag and drop your vendors into the “In Use” column. 

Add in your vendor’s ETA;

This will display on their daily summary link and should be in relation to the start time of the experience or number of minutes after event start time” eg. 10 minutes 90 minutes (1.5 hours).

Set Vendors Pricing And Settings on Your Lineup

Setting up vendor pricing is not required for notifications, only if you are reconciling, reporting or tracking your vendor pay in EzTix. To set fees associated with a vendor,  select the type of payment (Tiered or Per Guest) and then select the value associated with the parameters.

Tiered Pricing : This will allow you to set pricing based on ranges of tour group sizes. For example, you will have negotiated that you will pay a flat rate of $50 for a group between 5 and 7 people, and for 8 – 12 you will pay $75. If you would like to have multiple tiers of pricing, simply select ADD TIER and save!

Per Guest: Simply select Per Guest under the PAY VENDOR dropdown menu  and fill in the fee. Once you’ve made all of your changes, click SAVE.

Keep an eye out on your email/telephone number! Notifications with the live daily summary link will begin to send!

Example of SMS;

Example of Email;


  1. Navigate to EVENTS > View Bookings to view if a vendor has received a notification.

Scroll to the bottom of the manifest to view the vendor management history for all vendor associated with that experience’s lineup. Hover over the vendor’s details to view the delivery status. The notifications sent will display below the notifications column.

A legend below the list of vendors will guide you through the status of the notification.


Vendors will receive the daily summary link via SMS or email, if the vendor notification and contact is configured correctly on the lineup, as well as assigned to the template or experience in question.

From there they will be able to select to “Confirm” the event(s) arriving that day. This is an additional due diligence that is optional, but will allow you to see that your vendors have seen and acknowledged the experiences.

If your vendors have confirmed the events, you will be able to see the status under the Events > View Bookings  > Actions column in the vendor notifications history section of the manifest. If the vendors have confirmed it will display, but you can select “Decline” and enter in a reason that the vendor declined. It will display as a reference under the actions column.  

How to view your vendor Daily Summary link

View your vendor’s daily summary link anytime by going to GLOBAL > Vendor Management > Tour Vendors Tab > Edit/Manage under summary. The daily summary link for that vendor will be accessible.


Apply Custom Event Lineup to an Individual Event

To assign a custom event lineup to an individual experience date or multiple experience dates, follow these steps. You will need to go to lineups > add new > custom event lineup, before assigning them to individual tour dates.

STEP 1. Navigate to the main EVENTS tab

STEP 2. Jump to the tour date/date

STEP 3. Select the event’s “Edit/Manage” link in the right hand side actions column.

STEP 4. Scroll down to the “Tour Vendor Settings” area of the Event Details screen and select the Custom Event Lineup Group that you created for this event.

Scroll down to SAVE!



  1. Ensure guests are Checked In and that the event attendance is correct. Use the checkin feature via the EzTix app or Desktop > Bookings to checkin guests as they attend experiences to ensure accurate data is presented on the reconciliation screen. Or Navigate to Events>  Adjust Attendance before reconciliation.
  2. Understand that once a payment is reconciled, and payment posted, it cannot be reversed.

STEP 1. Navigate to the GLOBAL tab in the main menu.

STEP 2. Navigate to Vendor Management

STEP 3. On the Tour Vendors list screen, select Payment Reconciliation in the right hand side actions column. 

The screen will display the vendor, tour date and time, number of guests, payment history (if previously reconciled), amount owed outstanding and if the vendor has been paid for that event.

STEp 4. Select Reconcile button at the bottom of the page. 

STEP 5. Select the radio checkboxes under Pay for each event to include events in this payment, and adjust or confirm total payment amount. Use the filters to find the correct date, or vendor.

STEP 6. 
Once you select all the events  that you would like to reconcile in that pay period , you will be presented with the payment details and notes section.


Record for the payment reference, and notes for that series of events. Click Post Pay to complete the reconciliation. NOTE, this cannot be reversed or adjusted! Ensure your vendor costs and tour attendance rate is accurate prior to reconciling via Guest Checkin or Events> Adjust Attendance.

Once a payment is reconciled, the payment history and reference will be displayed in the payment reconciliation screen. Filter the screen or list of events to include or exclude those that have been paid already.


Navigate to the  GLOBAL tab > Vendor Management and select Payment History from the vendor list action items.

A list of all historical payments made will display including payment date, vendor reference and total paid for that reconciliation period/action.


Updating Guest Attendance

Vendor Management Payment Reconciliation uses data from each event’s checked in guests (via EzTix App or EzTix Manifest). Should you need to adjust the number of guests who attended, or if you do not use the “check-in” feature  follow the steps below to adjust accurate event attendance prior to reconciling payments for a vendor.

STEP 1. Navigate to EVENTS tab > select

STEP 2. Select the  event’s “Adjust Attendance” link in the actions column.

STEP 3. Use the “Actual Guests” column to enter the number of guests for each vendor (associated with that template or event’s lineup).

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