The Shopping Reservation Platform That Ends Long Lines.

Until there’s a cure for COVID-19, your customers will not feel safe outside of their homes. They need a reliable plan to run errands and get back to their families quickly.

We have a powerful, common sense reservation system to help customers set specific times to visit local businesses. There’s no need to stand in a line or search for alternatives when you know exactly when you’ll be served. As a result, your staff will know who to expect, and when.

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Keep Your Customers & Staff Safer

Social distancing protects the health of your team and customers. Retail Reserve helps businesses maintain safe capacities in brick and morter locations.

Based on your average customer service time, you can now control how many guests can be welcomed at any given time.

For your customers, their risk of Coronavirus transmission increases the longer they’re away from home. Retail Reserve helps them make more reliable plans to get back to their families safely.

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Know What To Expect

At times of disruption, it becomes difficult for you balance the needs of your business with sporadic traffic patterns. With scheduled service times, however, you’ll be able to anticipate peaks and valleys.

For busy essential services, like grocery stores, Retail Reserve helps flatten the traffic curves throughout the day. Staffing is easier, and social distancing becomes more natural.

Welcoming guests with reservations requires no new capital investments. Just use the staff you already have, armed with a guest list or scanner app.

chart of controlled and uncontrolled shopping.

Become a Leader in the New Social Responsibility

The world has changed and we now rely on the brands we trust to help us stay healthy. No brand can afford to see their storefronts on the news with unruly lines of frustrated customers.

Retail Reserve is the common sense solution to this problem. Lines are minimized, or eliminated altogether depending on your specific policies.

It’s a common sense solution, and the right thing to do.

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