How Industry Associations Help Tour and Event Companies

Last Updated June 11, 2019

Operating events and activities require you to play many different roles. Staying an expert, not just in your own business, but in the industry, takes a lot of work. Industry associations can help you fill expertise voids, discover best practices, and stay on top of trends.

The Global Food Tourism Association recently launched a series of regional online roundtables. These new events extend the networking opportunities typically only available at annual conferences. Jennifer Ibe, Membership and Event Coordinator at GFTA, says the response was incredible. She joined us for an interview to share a bit about this new step for the community.

Less niche is the event industry where you have dozens of associations to choose from. Take a look at this list for ten of the more popular options.

Some businesses may have a hard time letting go of the worry about sharing best practices with their competitors. A fair concern to be sure, but in the right association, they may well find the benefits outweigh the risk.

Learn more about the Global Food Tourism Association on their website, or email Jennifer with any questions you may have.

Food tours working with EzTix get their first year of GFTA membership free, plus a 50% discount on future renewals! Click here to set up a meeting with us to learn more about the EzTix & GFTA partnership.


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