Make ticket buying enjoyable for your guests

Buying tickets online can be an intimidating process for any potential guest. But what if it was easier? What if guests actually enjoyed your checkout process? That’s what we aimed to create by building a system that:

Feels great on desktop, or on your mobile device

Looks like it's still part of your website

Loads quickly to let guests get started

Setup a Demo

Our online booking platform designed for simplicity


Look Like You

Your guest doesn’t know the difference between your website and your ticket provider. Keep it that way by customizing EzBook with your brand colors.

Sell on Mobile

Our research shows that over 50% of people buy tickets from a mobile device. EzBook helps you look great when guests buy tickets from their phone.

Built-in Upselling

Offer guests the option to book another tour with you at a discounted price. This is just one of the ways we look to help you sell more tickets.

Included Standard Features

Designed for desktop, tablet, and mobile

Integrates seamlessly with your website

Get bookings while you sleep

Upselling opportunities

Included EzBook Features

Standardized food allergy question

Accept donations to charities

Customize with your colors

Accept 15 different currencies

We’re helping hundreds of successful tours and events run daily!

Daily Food Tours, Cooking Classes, Zip-Trekking, Golf Tournaments, Trade Shows, Art Exhibitions, Music Festivals, Charity Events… just to name a few!