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Last Updated February 16, 2018

A long time ago in a land far away, a caveman sold the very first ticket to an exhibition of his cave drawings.  As he welcomed his guests, he grunted “no refunds or exchanges”.  That day, a new standard in the experience industry was set in stone (literally… because he was a caveman).

Today, we can finally evolve and provide peace of mind to guests worried a life event will mean lost money on tickets they can’t use.  We’re also able to help experience operators grow their businesses by improving conversion rates and offering now revenue opportunities.  It’s all possible thanks to a new partnership with EzTix and TicketGuardian.

What You’ll Need to Do After Reading This

Grab your trusty to-do list and add these items before you move on.

  • Update My Website
  • Review My TicketGuardian Settings
  • Review My Pricing

First, let’s get the details on what this new integration means.

What is TicketGuardian?

TicketGuardian is an industry leading insurance technology company who will, for a small percentage of your customer’s ticket order, reimburse them for their entire amount paid, aside from the cost of the policy, if they are unable to attend the event. The most impressive aspect of TicketGuardian is the scope of coverage, including:

  • Last minute work conflicts
  • Training injuries
  • Family emergencies
  • Unexpected illness
  • Car accidents
  • And several more unexpected issues that can sneak up

TicketGuardian gives your customers the freedom to protect their purchase now, knowing that if conflicts arise, they will not be left without a refund.

Additionally, EzTix and TicketGuardian can help with inventory control. When a customer files a claim, TicketGuardian sends a notification to let you know that this once sold ticket is now available for resale, providing yet another opportunity to increase your revenues and fill your seats!

Why is TicketGuardian Coming to the Booking Process?

We have partnered with TicketGuardian because of their outstanding record providing ticket protection, decreasing your exposure to refunds and chargebacks, as well as providing excellent customer service. They also help drive advanced sales by providing reason to buy tickets in advance without regret.

  • 4-7% Increase in sales by converting on-the-fence buyers
  • Ticket Insurance provides peace of mind
  • 46% average reduction in refunds/chargebacks
  • Drives advanced ticket sales which helps you prepare financially for your event
  • On average 1 out of every 3 attendees choose to add our TicketGuardian Protection which proves the market is asking for a solution like this

TicketGuardian Offers 2 Types of Coverage:

TicketGuardian’s Full-Attendee Policy was created to disrupt the ticketing Status Quo “NO REFUNDS.” Our Full-Attendee Protection allows the attendee to get their money back if they cannot attend for any reason until 14 days from the event. Can’t go? Don’t feel like it? You’re covered, no matter the reason*.  Within 14 days, the Standard Policy applies.

TicketGuardian’s Standard Policy covers many of the perils that can keep someone from attending an event. From accidents and severe weather to family emergencies and the common cold, TicketGuardian has you covered. As with any type of insurance, our Standard coverage requires documentation when a claim is filed. However, TicketGuardian makes the claims process as simple as possible. They give those who have filed a claim the ability to quickly and conveniently upload their documentation

Within that window, claims do not require any documentation to be approved and is not limited to unforeseen emergencies. Our 100% Attendee Protection is reserved for event organizers that will include this coverage with every ticket sold to an event. If life happens and something prevents you from attending within 14 days of the event, don’t worry we still have you covered for unforeseen circumstances, such as those listed under the Standard Policy. Peace of Mind for less than your daily latte.

How it works with EzTix

Our integration gives two different options for our partners: Mandatory Coverage or Opt-Out.

Mandatory coverage automatically applies to every ticket and doesn’t show as a separate line item.  You can choose for the fees to come out of your regular ticket price, or you can adjust to meet your needs.  All guests will be covered by the Full-Attendee policy, and also offers the best pricing. as low as $1.99 per ticket.

Opt-Out gives your guests the protection price as a separate line item in EzBook with the option to forgo their coverage. Accounts using the Opt-Out Option will have the Standard Protection, which limits the number of reasons your guests can file a claim for a refund.

Only the Full Attendee policy truly gives your guest the best protection if they need a refund, showing a unified price.  With increased conversions and the best online guest experience, we know the Mandatory option is the best for our partners.

By default, accounts in EzTix will be set to the Opt-Out option. Your guests may not be interested in protecting their purchase – and we want to give them that choice. However, we do recommend upgrading to mandatory as it ensures that each guest is protected, in addition to maximizing your conversions and customer experience. To change your account defaults to Mandatory, visit Global Event Management > TicketGuardian. Removing the feature from your purchase flow altogether is also an option, but that would need to be completed by our Support Centre.

Click HERE to request TicketGuardian be de-activated on your account.

Launch Details

TicketGuardian is now live on your account.

How Will this Affect my Ticket Prices?

Mandatory (Full Attendee)

Mandatory inclusion shows your guests one price: your standard ticket price.  While we believe you will see increased conversions and sales opportunities, you may see fit to adjust your standard pricing. The Full Attendee policy is the only way to truly offer your guests fully refundable tickets.

Tickets Priced Up to $24.99 USD – $1.99
Up to $49.99 USD – $2.99
Over $50.00 USD – 6% of ticket price.

Opt Out (Standard Protection)

You may prefer to let your guests opt out of coverage. While you will still see increased conversions and an improved online guest experience, you will need to make clear to your ticket buyers what your refund policies will be regarding unprotected tickets.

Tickets Priced Up to $24.99 USD – $2.49
Op to $49.99 USD – $3.99
Over $50.00 USD – 6.5%

Updating your website

We hope you’ll sing from the rooftops about the Refund Revolution, letting your guests know far and wide you’re committed to the best guest experience end to end.

If you’ve chosen the mandatory protection, let your buyers know they’re protect no matter what, right up until your experiences begin.

For opt-out coverage, be sure to lay out what your specific policies are should guests choose not to protect their tickets.

We’ve made these updates simple with EzSites! Current EzSites partners can click here for a guide on where and how to make updates.  If you’d like to learn more about the most advanced website solution for experience operators, visit our EzSites page and sign up for a consultation.

*Reasons not covered are event cancellation, unlawful acts committed by certificate holder or their family, Government intervention or regulation, epidemic, pandemic, pollution, threat of pollutant release, civil unrest, civil disorder, Acts of War, Terrorism, or Acts of God which includes natural disasters.  See for full details.


As the Director of Communications for EzTix, Jeremy is always open to hearing your feedback and understanding how we can help serve you better.

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