Interview with TicketGuardian’s Founder & CEO, Bryan Derbyshire

Last Updated February 22, 2018

The EzTix partner community is definitely engaged in a great discussion right now regarding refunds, insurance, and what the Refund Revolution means for their business.

We’ll be the first to admit adding protection to every booking sold through EzTix is a bold move, and one not without controversy. We’ll be hosting a webinar on Monday, February 26th to help clarify how to offer TicketGuardian to your guests and answer your questions.

In the meantime, we chatted with Bryan Derbyshire, Founder/CEO of TicketGuardian about his platform and why he’s shaking up the event industry.

Bryan Derbyshire, Founder/CEO TicketGuardian

Bryan Derbyshire, Founder/CEO TicketGuardian

It must be very challenging, but also exciting to be at the forefront the refund revolution. How did TicketGuardian come into being?

We started TicketGuardian with the idea that “no refunds” was a really outdated status-quo. Refunds also negatively affect cash flow for live events as most people simply wait to buy a ticket until they are completely sure. However, refunds are accepted nearly everywhere but why not the live events industry? We thought not only will it help the problem an attendee has when faced with not being able to go, but also with platforms having access to that information and using it to resell those unused tickets. We always wanted to give the fan the choice to be able to protect their investment.

The ticketing industry has had insurance as an option but it’s never been as technologically driven or cost effective as what TicketGuardian has been able to provide. We feel that new technology should be cost effective and with the combination of those two key values, in turn we have done just that, shake up the industry! It’s been exciting to watch a paradigm shift occur not only on a platform level but with patrons deciding they have another choice than reselling their tickets on the secondary market or simply losing money.

We love the idea of fully refundable tickets, because it really protects guests. How does this also help ticket sellers?

We’re definitely on the same page! However, we must comply with Dept. of Insurance rules and regulations with our claims process but we’ve made it as easy as possible for a person to be refunded should something impact them from attending their event. Ticket Sellers now have access to understanding how they can capitalize on no-shows. If we can help direct no-show inventory back into the control of the sellers, then we’re helping add value to the organizer but to their partners as well such as vendors, sponsors, etc. as we’ve helped fill that seat to replace that per-cap spend that otherwise simply would have not shown up.

For our partners who may go the opt out route, what will their guests need to consider when filing a claim under the standard protection?

Guests need to consider that when filing a claim, they will be providing actual documentation to prove they were impacted by one of our several covered perils. If they’re in a car accident, likely a police report, or if they’ve sustained an injury and can no longer go, likely a doctor’s note, etc. but that they need to be prepared to provide proof to the claims agent. Easily enough, these can be uploaded from their mobile or of course they can file a claim at

With your other partners, what has the feedback been after an event organizer has deployed the Full-Attendee insurance?

Event organizers who utilize the Full Attendee insurance opt to pay for the TicketGuardian insurance policies as a part of every ticket or registration to enhance their attendee experience for their clients and see it as a value add for their brand. It’s been a success from a number of standpoints. We’ve helped organizations offset their risks financially and increase their marketability by purchasing our mandated policies on behalf of their attendees as part of the value proposition given to their clients. Some partners may only mandate their VIP type tickets to include TicketGuardian, while their GA tickets are an optional choice during checkout., but most often the value is seen across the event as part of the changing of the guard in this industry. We try and provide best practices for everyone but each organization is unique so we’re happy to work with anyone in nearly any capacity.

Anything else you think our partners should know while they’re planning how to offer ticket protection to their guests? TicketGuardian wants to help you increase your sales, reduce your exposure to risk and to help provide a better course of action for someone who purchased a ticket and can no longer use it. We accomplish these things every day, but we realize each organization is different. We’re here, as partners of EzTix, to help maximize conversions. If you’re curious or confused or simply don’t get it, we’re here for you, as partners and as fans, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to your relationship manager and we can discuss more specifics with you directly.

Bonus question: what is your favourite place in the world to adventure?

Well, I was given the title of Lord in the UK where my surname is from, and that was pretty unique but my wife tends to love Disney Cruises and tropical locations so most often we end up somewhere on land or sea; that being said, if it was ever up to me personally, please drop me in Vevey, Switzerland along Lake Geneva looking out at the Alps with a great bourbon.

Alright EzTix community, who’ll be the first to lure Bryan out on an adventure?


As the Director of Communications for EzTix, Jeremy is always open to hearing your feedback and understanding how we can help serve you better.

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